1st Mediterranean Openair Lifelong Learning Congress “Mediterranean Asclepia-Entities in Time and in Space to Inspire Entrepreneurship and Wellbeing”

The Presentations will be materialized in many different places of Crete, indoor and outdoor, which are in accordance with the purpose and the objectives of the Congress. Some of them will be materialized at the places of visits and excursions. More details will be announced to the Participants of the Congress when the Program will be finalized. The referred places at the Schedule may change in the course, depending on the weather conditions, the attendance, the hygiene protocols applied by the Greek Government or other reasons. In any case, the Institute will inform, by email and by posting on the Congress website, about any safer changes that may occur.

The Congress will be carried out in the following places

at the Crete Island, in the crossroads of the three continents

Heraklion city of Crete 

The Museum of Ancient Greek Technology ‘Kotsanas’ at Heraklion 

-The Museum of Medicine of the University of Crete

The Archaeological area of Gortyna 

The Village of Lentas and the Ancient Greek Asclepio of Levinas 

Spa & Thalassotherapy at the Thalasso Aegeo Spa in Heraklion Candia MarisResort & Spa Crete  

The Archeological site of Lisos-Asclepieion