1st Mediterranean Openair Lifelong Learning Congress “Mediterranean Asclepia-Entities in Time and in Space to Inspire Entrepreneurship and Wellbeing”

Sponsors and Donors, by offering resources, contribute to the materialization of the idea of the Congress in various ways. In the case of Companies, the Name of the Contact Person/Representative is completed in the Application Form to the Congress and a comprehensive description of the purposes of the Sponsorship and Donation are submitted in the Abstract.

Sponsors and Donors become Delegates after they have paid, in the Registration Page of the Congress, a larger amount than the Registration Fee for Lecturers and Attendees.

The names of the Sponsors and Donors are announced in a special area of the Congress Website and mentioned in the Congress Digital Book.

Sponsors and Donors receive the Honorary Commemorative Praise, in digital form, for the offered support to the Congress, additionally to the Certificate of Attendance, in cases they have attended the Congress.