1st Mediterranean Openair Lifelong Learning Congress “Mediterranean Asclepia-Entities in Time and in Space to Inspire Entrepreneurship and Wellbeing”

Lecturers can offer speeches, any type of presentations, posters, workshops, experiential laboratories, field exercises, peer-learning activities, interventions in round-tables etc to peers, professionals, educators, people who are interested in focused cultural experiential actions. Lecturers can offer a. Speech/Oral Presentation, b. Poster Presentation, c. Keynote Speech, d. Coordination of a Learning Activity ie d1. Workshop, d2. Experiential Laboratory, d3. Round Table Discussion, d4. Peer Learning Activity (PLA), d5. Meeting, d6. Open Discussion, d7. Conference, d8. Consultation, d9. Cultural Activity, d10. Other Activity.

Respectfully, the Lecturers acquire the status of a. Speaker/Oral Presenter, b. Poster Presenter, c. Keynote Speaker, d. Coordinator of Learning Activity.

The Lecturers have to prepare their Presentation, Speech or Learning Activity in the way they prefer and believe that will provide the purpose and targets of the Congress. In case they need special presentation infrastructure, more than the usually used by speakers, they have to write their demands in the Application Form to the Congress when they will submit their idea. 

A Participant in a Learning Activity can be Coordinator or Member and all together participate equally to the conceptual and methodological demands of the implementation under the Coordinator’s responsibility.

The Coordinators of the Learning Activities have to organize the conceptual and methodological framework of their Activity, also to materialize them in the days of the Congress. They can invite individuals or οrganizations to participate in the Learning Activity that coordinate, as Members of the Learning Activity. Coordinators and Members of a Learning Activity ought to make separate Submission and Registration on the Congress’s Website.

The Coordinators of the Learning Activities have to submit  their idea in the Application Form to the Congress with an Abstract. There, they can describe any extra resources that are required for the implementation of the Suggesting Learning Activity. Only one person can be the Coordinator of one Learning Activity. 

The Members of the Learning Activities can be more than one. They have to separately do their Submission of the Application Form as Attendees, if they are not already Delegates, and pay their Registration Fee on the Congress’s Website. For the Delegates, participation in the Learning Activities is free. If necessary, more arrangements can be made with the Organizing Committee of the Conference via email.

The Coordinators of the Learning Activities pay the specific amount of the Registration Fee for Lecturers.