“Crete 1, Sense The Authentic”-Sense The Authentic Summer

“Crete 2, Sense The Authentic”-Sense The Authentic Adventure

“Crete 3, Sense The Authentic“ – Sense the Authentic Taste

Asclepius Ασκληπιός

Ancient Mediterranean Asclepieia in Crete (Google maps) 

The participants of the Congress will receive in their mailing boxes special information and suggestions on  how to fulfil the ‘free time’ of the Congress

The CCBS GREECE offers high quality and various possibilities for Accomodation to Heraklion city. The Delegates can book their Accomodation HERE

Museum of Ancient Greek Technology ‘Kotsanas’ at Heraklion 

Morosini Fountain (Liontaria) in Meidani square (

Archeological site of Gortyna (

The Ancient Asclepieion Levinas in Lentas, South Coast of Heraklion, Crete, Greece

Museum of Medicine of the University of Crete (

Central Market of Heraklion

Spa & Thalassotherapy at the Thalasso Aegeo Spa  in Heraklion Candia MarisResort & Spa Crete 

Vryses Apokoronas (

Archeological site of Lisos-Asclepieion, Chania, Crete 

Transportation by boat from Sougia village to Lisos archeological site 

Sougia village 

Ο γύρος της Κρήτης σε 5′

The best CRETE has to offer | Cinematic video (Award winner)