1st Mediterranean Openair Lifelong Learning Congress “Mediterranean Asclepia-Entities in Time and in Space to Inspire Entrepreneurship and Wellbeing”

The Exhibitions will be in digital form, of virtual reality, available on the Congress’s website. The Exhibition material, up to 10 MB, will be prepared at sole responsibility of the Exhibitors and will be submitted in the Application Form to the Congress. The Exhibition presence in the Congress’s website will be in the format of a URL. A comprehensive description of the Exhibition’s Idea is submitted in the Abstract, also the extra required resources for the implementation of the Exhibition. The Mediterranean Institute for Education S.C.C. has the final decision on the acceptance of the exhibition material. In the case of Companies-Exhibitors, the name of the Contact Person/Representative is fulfilled in the Application Form to the Congress. 

Exhibitors, upon their Registration, pay a special amount of Participation in the Congress’s Expenses, which is announced in the special area of the Congress’s Website.

There is not the possibility for an individual or Organization to hold more than one Exhibition.

Exhibitors can upload, on the Congress’s Webpage for Exhibitions, a pdf document up to 100MB with the content that they describe in the submitted Abstract, after the acceptance of the Abstract. The content of the pdf document is approved by the Congress’s Organizing Committee.