5-10 July 2022, Heraklion, Crete, Greece

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The cult of Asclepius developed significantly and acquired particular conceptual, religious and medical characteristics during the Hellenistic period, being part of the broader political, social, cultural and intellectual context of that period. The tradition of Asclepius is a religious and sacred medicine since spiritual worries, feelings, hopes, purification, dreams, gifts to the gods, dedicatory inscriptions, priests, symbols, contribute to an expression of the soul. The congestion technique, which was used in the Asclepias, can be considered as an elementary evocative psychosomatic therapeutic practice, and be linked with the modern scientific methods of hypnotherapy.

The Asclepieia were sacred temples of the god Asclepius where offered healing treatments, also functioned as medical schools, where many studied on the side of great healers of antiquity. Their architecture, in Greece, in Southern Italy, on the coasts of Asia Minor , Southern France, Eastern Spain, Libya and in the wider Mediterranean area, is a characteristic therapeutic complex that reflects the ancient Greek conception of health and disease. There are many Asclepia of ancient years in the Mediterranean region, almost all the famous ancient cities had their own Asclepio (Ασκληπιείο) in a period from the 4th century BC to the 3rd AC, attest to the god’s widespread and long-lived popularity. In Crete, two well-known Asclepieia flourished, in Levina (Lentas)-Heraklion prefecture and Lisos-Chania prefecture, which were the first “hospitals” in the history of the island. 

Τhe spaces of Asclepia were designed and equipped in order to meet the medical and pharmaceutical needs of that era. The Medicine and Pharmaceutics of Antiquity inspires the scientific, technological, educational and entrepreneurial communities to more holistic treatment of diseases and search the quality of life in euphoria and wellbeing, within a broader context of spirituality. In the post Covid19 era, there is a focused need for innovation and efficiency in the sustainable use of natural materials and energy for the development of healthy spaces and ways to live and work. The 1st MEDITERRANEAN OPENAIR CONGRESS “MEDITERRANEAN ASCLEPIA-ENTITIES IN TIME AND IN SPACE ΤΟ INSPIRE ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND WELLBEING” is an openair Lifelong Learning Congress which aspires to bring to light scientific knowledge useful to researchers, enterprises, organizations, associations, freelancers, governance and policy bodies, and the people who want to learn about human civic origins and transform the ancient wisdom into entrepreneurship and wellbeing. The Mediterranean Institute for Education S.C.C. invites researchers from the space of Archeology, Medicine, Pharmacy, Architecture, Engineering, Science, Technology, Sociology, Literature, Philosophy, Alternative medicine, Tradition, Culture, Tourism, Business, Wellness, Education and Lifelong Learning to experience a unique Congress, in the sunny environment of Crete, combining work and summer holidays.

The Participants to the 1st MEDITERRANEAN OPENAIR CONGRESS “MEDITERRANEAN ASCLEPIA-ENTITIES IN TIME AND IN SPACE ΤΟ INSPIRE ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND WELLBEING” will be in an Innovative & Creative Congress and they will have the chance to visit many historical places of Crete, alive and active nowadays, museums, to swim in the sunny beaches, enjoy wellness, relaxation, detoxification, rejuvenation, beauty, well-being services and taste local food, drinks and treats of the famous Cretan hospitality. The sessions include speeches, posters, experiential laboratories, round tables, visits, walks, daily excursions, etc, are specially selected to serve the purpose and targets related to the thematic areas of the Congress. The Mediterranean Business (Gala) Dinner for the Congress’s Speakers and Attendees will contribute to a mutual acquaintance and strengthening of relations among the delegates, exploring the funding opportunities for entrepreneurship in health and wellness. The Hippocratic Dinner will deepen in the ancient Greek therapeutic Diets, inspiring future inquiries and improvements of eating habits.

The language of the Congress will be English. Organizational details regarding the Submission and Registration are available on the Congress Website

The Congress will take place with physical presence of the Delegates, in accordance with the Greek Government’s applicable hygiene requirements. Therefore, the number of Delegates will be adapted accordingly.  At all venues, extensive health and security measures will be in place in order to ensure a safe environment for all participants, staff and local communities


  • Ancient Greek Wisdom in the Mediterranean Asclepieia
  • Ancient therapeutic methods
  • Therapy in Mythology
  • Architecture in ancient and contemporary therapy, healing and wellness
  • Pharmaceutics and Cosmetics in the ancient and modern world
  • Alternative Therapeutic Practices
  • Therapeutic effect of Sleep
  • Education, Training and Lifelong Learning in Cultural Medicine and Pharmaceutical
  • Arts and Literature inspired by ancient Healings
  • Traditional/Popular Medicine and Pharmaceutics
  • Diets for healthy life and wellness from the antiquity to nowadays 
  • The value of Beauty with the eyes on the sustainability and mental euphoria
  • Τhe art of living well
  • Entrepreneurship for traditional treatments and promotion of anti-consumerist way of living
  • Welfare in the entrepreneurship ecosystems
  • Health/Medical Tourism
  • Agrotourism
  • Funding opportunities for the entrepreneurship in health and wellness